Taog's Hangar Releases the SA315B Lama Helicopter

Taog's Hangar Releases the SA315B Lama Helicopter

The SA315B Lama by Taog's Hangar is available since November 17, 2023. This Helicopter addon for Microsoft Flight Simulator follows the lineage of the Alouette 3, featuring a highly detailed exterior and interior model that accurately represents the iconic helicopter. The SA315B Lama, developed by the French aerospace manufacturer Sud Aviation (later Aérospatiale), holds a significant place in helicopter history. Designed in the late 1960s, it was a variant of the Alouette II, but with the powerful engine of the Alouette III. The Lama was engineered specifically to perform well in high-altitude conditions, which was a considerable challenge at the time.

Its claim to fame came in 1972 when the Lama set a world record for the highest-altitude landing and takeoff, conducted on Mount Everest at an elevation of 7,500 meters (24,606 feet).  The SA315B Lama was primarily used for utility purposes, especially in mountainous regions where its unique capabilities were invaluable. It was equipped for various roles, including cargo transport, medical evacuation, and search and rescue operations.

Key Features:

  • Authentic Design: The addon boasts a realistic exterior and interior, complete with authentic instruments and controls.
  • Sound Package: An immersive audio experience accompanies the visual fidelity.
  • Customization Options: More than a dozen attachment options allow for personalization for various missions.
  • Detailed Flight Model: A realistic and responsive flying experience, reflecting the unique characteristics of the Lama SA315B, is offered, along with a model for beginners.
  • Diverse Liveries: A selection of 30 liveries.

Despite its age, the SA315B Lama is still in use today in various parts of the world, particularly in regions where its high-altitude performance is advantageous. Its durability, reliability, and unique operational capabilities have ensured its continued relevance in the aviation world.

The Lama SA315B addon for Microsoft Flight Simulator can be purchased and downloaded directly from Flightsim.to. It follows Taog's Hangars earlier release of the SA316B - Alouette III, which is also available on Flightsim.to.