The Secret Studio Updates WBGG - Kuching Intl.

The Secret Studio Updates WBGG - Kuching Intl.

Located in Kuching, the capital city of Sarawak in Malaysia, WBGG serves as both a commercial airport and an air base. The airport's history dates back to the early 1940s when it was established as a Royal Air Force airfield during World War II. Initially known as Kuching Airfield, it played a vital role in supporting military operations in the region. With their recent update for this airport, The Secret Studio promises to deliver an even more immersive version for virtual pilots.

Over the years, the airfield transformed into a significant aviation hub, serving as the primary gateway to Sarawak. Today, Kuching International Airport welcomes numerous domestic and international flights, connecting travelers to various destinations worldwide.

Changelog of the Update:

  • Terraforming and Elevation: Extensive terraforming work has been undertaken to accurately align the aprons, taxiways, and runway with their published elevations.
  • Terminal and Control Tower Enhancements: The terminal and control tower have received improved textures, providing a more visually appealing and realistic representation of the actual structures.
  • Fire & Rescue and Meteorological Facilities: The fire and rescue facilities, as well as the meteorological facilities, have been remodeled.
  • Main Highway Overlay: An improved overlay has been added to the main highway section behind the passenger terminal, adding a touch of realism to the surrounding road network.
  • Optimal Model Optimization: The custom models in the scenery have undergone a comprehensive optimization sweep, ensuring optimal performance by reaching a minimum LOD3 level.
  • Landmark Additions: The Secret Studio has introduced two new landmarks. Farley Mall and Kuching Sentral Bus Station have been meticulously recreated and placed along the RWY 07 approach, adding visual interest and authenticity.
  • Navigation Enhancements: The update includes the addition of a VOR antenna.
  • Aesthetic Improvements: Night lighting enhancements have been implemented around the airport and air base, enhancing the visual appeal during nighttime operations. Excessive green center lighting on the runway has been removed to align with real-world conditions.
  • Realism Details: Undocumented edge lights have been added to TWY A3, mirroring their real-world presence. Additionally, various tall structures now feature red beacon lights, further enhancing the authenticity of the environment.

The update of  WBGG - Kuching International Airport and Air Base is now available for free if you have already purchased this airport.