Troglodytus Design releases LOAV - Vöslau, Austria

Troglodytus Design releases LOAV - Vöslau, Austria

Vöslau Airfield (German: Flugplatz Vöslau, ICAO: LOAV) is a public airfield located 4 kilometres (2.5 mi) east of Bad Vöslau, Lower Austria, Austria. It is also known as Flugplatz Vöslau-Kottingbrunn in German. It is one of the largest General Aviation Airports in Austria and widely used by pilots commuting to Vienna while avoiding the International Airport Schwechat. Troglodytus Design's brand new product is available for $7.99 on, being their first premium product ever.


  • Detailed, handcrafted rendition of LOAV Voeslau-Kottingbrunn Airport in High Res PBR Materials
  • Nearby factories (in total 50+ handcrafted buildings)
  • Close to real life runways, taxiways, ground markings, parking spots & frequencies according to official AIP Charts
  • Custom taxiway signs, apron lights, taxiway lights, ...
  • IFR approaches and departures implemented
  • VFR reference points implemented
  • Accurate terraforming of entire airport area and surroundings
  • Realistic night lighting
  • Start your flight cold & dark from inside an detailed and animated hangar!
  • Tower interior
  • Custom lighted Wind-T showing landing directions
  • Custom static aircrafts
  • Animated anemometer
  • Loads and loads of details (About 4150 individually placed objects, many of them handcrafted)

Airport Information

  • Elevation: 767ft / 234m
  • Runway 13R/31L - 950x23m asphalt
  • Runway 13L/31R - 650x25m grass
  • Runway 08/26 - 400-30m grass (only in use if requested)
  • Frequencies: 118.605 MHz Voeslau Tower