New mod versions you shouldn't miss for Sim Update 6

New mod versions you shouldn't miss for Sim Update 6

Just recently, a new Sim update was released. And as we already know from previous Sim updates, it may well affect already installed add-ons and mods of your game. While some add-ons may not work at all anymore, others may behave a bit differently than what you are used to. As a result, we are relying on creators to release timely updates for their mods to ensure compatibility. Since Sim Update 6, many such updates have already been released. Below you will find just a selection of those that may be worth downloading again.

Savage Grravel - Monster Truck in the Skies

This mod has just been updated to version 1.6.0. It takes full advantage of new SU6 flight model capabilities and now features a much more realistic performance profile with newer propeller physics. The flightmodel has been overhauled and retuned for the highest level of realism. New additions are a new flap drag sound as well as aileron and rudder trim ability via keybinds. Download the latest version here.

We Love VFR - Region 2

This VFR add-on has just been updated to version 0.5.0b. It includes more than 100 cooling towers and a so called M.A.G.S - Model Auto Generation System. It's created to bring you a vast variety of cooling tower variants, based on manually reviewed data. Besides some bugfixes there is also a new smoke placing algorithm. A must-have add-on for VRF frequent flyers, download here.

Gatwick Airport EGKK Ultra Full Edition

This brilliant custom-made airport has been updated to version 10.7. This new version features a custom calibrated stand guidance for A320/B737 top stop at marker 3 or 4, AShdown House model, Atlantic House Model, more than 1400 chocks and cones, pushback bars and animated electric buggy with 4 baggage carts. Download here.

Cessna Citation Longitude Flight Dynamics

Asobo Cessna Citation Model 700 Longitude Performance and Flight Dynamics Modifications Project has been updated to 1.9.0. It improves the coefficient of lift settings to reduce unexpected accelerated stall warnings and stall warnings during takeoff and approach or landing, features further improvements to rudder performance in low speed flight, a better and more accurate flaps handling and incorporated further rudimentary engine overspeed and overheat protections. To read the full changelogs and update to the latest version, click here.

Airbus H135 Helicopter Project

It's been a long time since this project was updated. While Sim Update 6 broke the helicopter, 1.4.2 is now available. It includes a patched flight_model.cfg to fix the stuttering issue introduced with Sim Update 6. This update does not include high skids. Download here.

Aircraft Carrier Group - Worldwide Locations

Version 3.7 deals with a few oddities created by Sim Update 6. superspud has also resized parking spots and the odd runway to try and stop the SH/UH60 from disappearing into the water. VASI lights have been modved to the edges of the runways and some models were replaced, along with some new deck textures. Download here.

Lockheed Martin F-22A Raptor

The raptor has been updated to fix minor compatibility issues with Sim Update 6 and to introduce some new improvements and fixes. Version 1.0.7 features improved roll response and crispness, adjusted G-limits to Air Force specs, custom highly accurate calibrated airspeed calculations and custom autho-throttle. To read the full changelogs and update this aircraft to the latest version, click here.

Most add-ons are still compatible

Fortunately, the number of incompatible add-ons is lower than it was after Sim Update 5. Almost all scenery and livery mods are still compatible and waiting to be downloaded.