Verticalsim Provo and Sarasota Airports now available

Verticalsim Provo and Sarasota Airports now available

Nestled in the scenic vistas of Utah, the Provo Municipal Airport (KPVU) offers aviators a dynamic blend of challenges and sights. With its notable circle-to-land RNAV into RWY 13, pilots are treated to both picturesque views and testing approaches. Allegiant crew base here provides FENIX pilots a gateway to some of the most sought-after West Coast destinations, all from PVU's state-of-the-art terminal. For the enthusiasts of Honda & Vision jets, Duncan & Signature FBOs await your exploration. And for the GA aircraft aficionados, KPVU is the perfect playground, equipped with two spawnable hangars and an array of flight schools.

  • Animated passengers, complemented by a detailed 1:1 terminal interior.
  • 2023 Airport Layout with HD texturing and full-scale PBR mapping.
  • Two player-spawnable hangars that also boast interiors.
  • Optimal AI routing, precise vehicle pathing, and a robust ATC network.
  • Custom ortho at a stunning 0.5cm/res, paired with taxiway signage, obstruction lights, and more.
  • Use of parallax & LODs ensures minimal performance hiccups.
  • Catch the animated tower controllers & mechanic, hard at work in a hangar.

KSRQ – Sarasota–Bradenton International Airport

Sarasota–Bradenton International Airport (KSRQ), perched south of Tampa in Florida, offers a blend of water approaches that are truly unparalleled. Serving both domestic and international routes, this airport caters to GA, business jets, and expansive commercial traffic. The unique location ensures pilots get to experience water landings while also having the bustling city backdrop.

  • Detailed terminal interior that boosts immersion.
  • The surrounding vicinity is meticulously modeled.
  • Numerous animated objects, including radar, Wig-wags, air conditioning units, and more.
  • Custom jetways that elevate the boarding experience.
  • The 2023 Airport layout, built for accuracy.
  • Ground clutter is aplenty, with baggage loaders, static aircraft, people, and more.
  • HDR night lighting that transforms the nocturnal ambiance.
  • Proper airport data/logic, from PAPI light positioning to AI taxipathing.

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