Got Friends Discus 2C Freeware launch on January 1st, 2022

Got Friends Discus 2C Freeware launch on January 1st, 2022

Got Friends (Jonx, Got Gravel, 270 Inc, and Mykrode) are going to bring you the rebirth of their popular glider for Microsoft Flight Simulator, Discus-2b, previously released as freeware here on Their new aircraft Discus-2c is scheduled for release on January 1st 2022. Got Friends announced earlier this month that they are making good progress on the development and gave further insight into the upcoming features. Today, the team revealed the official trailer ahead of the January 1 release. Got Friends Discus 2C will host exclusively on and is freeware.

The Discus-2c will always be free. We are working with Asobo to distribute this version on both PC and Xbox for free. Hopefully we hear more soon! Regardless, this version will become the “Standard” Package. We will continue improving it, updating it and ensuring it’s the most enjoyable Glider experience to date.

FES/2cT Expansion planned

In time, Got Friends will develop an additional “FES/2cT” Expansion, sold as payware. This will not be a different Discus-2c, instead the team will use their Discus-2c as the base. Got Friends will build upon the already established Discus-2c package and release new sub-models, liveries, motor functionality, sounds, panels, avionics, options, etc as additional features. If something comes up that should be on the Discus-2c standard edition, it will be added as an update to the free base package.

I hope you all see this as a big win for the community. It’s NEVER going to be a, “Should I download this version or purchase this version?” Instead it’s always going to be free and if you want more and/or want to support us, you’ll have that option!